DENSO now ships high-amp alternators

DENSO Products and Services Americas is now shipping PowerEdge, its new series of high-amp alternators developed for medium- and heavy-duty commercial trucks.

“PowerEdge is a game-changer for the commercial trucking industry,” said Frank Jenkins, senior manager of DPAM’s Heavy Duty Marketing Group. “It meets the market’s rigorous duty-cycle demands while saving fuel, increasing battery life and lowering operational costs.”

Coinciding with the launch, DENSO said it has upgraded its Commercial & Heavy Duty website. The site now offers access for smartphone and tablet users, as well as new navigational features. “We’ve made it easier than ever for customers to access all our products and services,” Jenkins said.

“PowerEdge alternators are uniquely designed to meet the higher electrical requirements and increased battery loads of the most powerful trucks on the road today,” the company said. “The product line’s cutting-edge materials and engineering features include heavy-duty bearings, advanced long-life brush composition, remote sense technology and DENSO’s patented segment conductor technology that incorporates its innovative square copper wire stator design.”

“Measuring 7.7 inches long and weighing up to 10 lbs. less than competitors, PowerEdge is also the smallest and lightest alternator in its class,” according to the company.

“PowerEdge is a top-performing alternator that provides higher amps at idle and cruise speeds, faster charging and rapid battery recovery. It is also remarkably easy to handle and install,” Jenkins said. “With its unmatched efficiency and long life, this may be the last alternator you put in your truck.”

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