Digital onboard weighing system

A new digital onboard weighing system, the industry’s first said its maker, has been released to the North American market. The SI Onboard 9150 is part of the SI Onboard brand of VPG OnBoard Weighing products from Vishay Precision Group (VPG).

According to VPG, the product is the industry’s first CAN standard digital onboard scale and features tilt compensation, simple calibration through setup wizards; detailed, real-time diagnostics; and a graphic color TFT display.

The 9150 system is optimized for underbody onboard weighing in a broad range of truck makes and models — including forestry/logging, waste management and recycling, freight, and bulk hauling trucks — to optimize the payload and prevent overloading fees.

By utilizing digital communication instead of an analog signal in these applications, the system provides a higher immunity to electromagnetic noise and better performance under high temperatures and humidity conditions, the company said.

The 9150 provides gross or net vehicle weight as well as axle group loading and overload alarms for the truck and trailers. The tilt compensation feature measures the tilt angle of the truck and trailer in both pitch and roll axes to ensure proper weighing even on uneven ground, VPG said.

The digital CAN system is composed of two components: the 9150 meter to provide the user interface and the 9150 JBOX/transmitter to integrate the interface with the load cells, signal processing, diagnostics, and the local functionality needed for setup and calibration per trailer.

The system features a 4.3 in. graphic color TFT display with LED backlighting to display weight, configuration, and diagnostic results. Offering a wide viewing angle under all lighting conditions, the interface provides four arrow keys and four soft keys for easy operation and navigation among the meter’s menus and modes. The meter’s RS-232 interface allows for connection to a printer or in-cab PC, while a USB interface enables backup and restore of setup parameters and user data.

For intuitive setup using the 9150’s password-protected wizards, the operator simply selects the relevant configuration from the drop-down menu, and the system automatically configures the needed parameters, the company said. Up to eight 9150 transmitters can be added to the system to support an additional four to eight trailers.

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