Dock bumpers and trailer plate lines released

A new line of dock bumpers and trailer plates has been released by Independent Warehouse. The Nytrex line includes sliding dock bumpers, standard dock bumpers, and trailer plates.

Dock bumpers help prevent dock damage, the company said. The The Nytrex slider dock bumper is a reversible system that provides four times the life, according to Independent Warehouse. No tools are required to reverse the bumper, which can be flipped upside down or back to front.

The products also allow for up and down movement as air suspensions adjust trailer height. All sliding dock bumpers include a 10-year warranty.

The standard Nytrex dock bumpers are manufactured in the same size and hole configurations as regular molded dock bumpers which means replacing worn out molded dock bumpers is a fast and efficient process, reducing down time and increasing productivity, the company pointed out.

The safety yellow trailer plates are made from the same material as the dock bumpers.

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