Donaldson introduces new Blue line of filters

LOUISVILLE. Donaldson Co. has introduced its new Blue line of premium filters this week at the Mid-America Trucking Show. The Blue line will include more than 150 fuel, air intake, lube, coolant and fuel filters designed to meet a wide range of requirements for on-road and off-road trucks and equipment.

“We’ve combined and expanded several air, lube, coolant, on-engine fuel and bulk fuel filtration lines to create one premiere filtration family that offers equipment owners what matters most: the proven protection that Donaldson filtration technology provides,” said Ted Angelo, Global product director. “The common thread – the thing that defines Donaldson Blue filters – is that they provide superior performance in each filter category. Plus Donaldson Blue air intake, lube and coolant filters also offer the advantage of longer filter life, which extends service intervals and reduces overall maintenance costs. We’re thrilled to launch this new line at the Mid-American Trucking Show.”

The filter line is manufactured using Donaldson’s advanced Ultra-Web nanofiber technology. According to the company, the filters protect and extend the life of engines by providing better initial and overall efficiency compared to conventional cellulose media.

The filters also feature Synteq media that removes greater amounts of fine contaminant and delivers increased contaminant holding capacity compared to standard cellulose media for longer filter life and better engine protection.

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