Doonan engineers new flatbed coil haul trailer

Doonan Specialized Trailer announced it has designed and manufactured a new ‘Series 2’ V-channel trough flatbed coil haul trailer for special loading applications where coils cannot be transferred into and from a recessed trailer well, but still require safe securement on the flatbed.

Doonan Composite
Doonan has manufactured a new ‘Series 2’ V-channel trough flatbed coil haul trailer for special loading applications.

The 44’ x 96”, 110,000# GVWR, all-steel, tri-axle trailer with bulkhead, cradles 3’ to 7’ diameter steel coils shotgun style inside a V-shaped, rubber-lined steel trough on the center surface of the flatbed, the company said. This channel cribbing cushions the coils and allows for “efficient loading and removal from the trailer,” the company added.

A walkway on both sides of the channel allows for inspection of the load. Tie-downs can be applied by a driver from alongside the trailer to further support the securement of the coils, via a sliding winch track on both sides.

According to the company: “Components like the trailer’s two custom main beams, ABS System, and Hendrickson HT Suspension make for strong and reliable heavy-haul coil transport. A sliding tarp system (not shown) is also added to eliminate the driver having to tarp the load.”

“The new ‘Series 2’ V-channel coil haul trailer is a niche’ market trailer that we designed to address a need in the marketplace,” stated Kelly Zecha, national dealer manager/application specialist. “This model serves as yet another example of how Doonan continues to lead the industry in developing innovative, specialized trailer solutions.”

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