Drain pan cleans up

Drain pan cleans up

A new drain pan from Ken-Tool catches gear oil and grease drips before they fall onto wheels, tires and shop floors.

The 30600 Professional Super Single Axle Drain Pan is attached to the wheel using two or three lug studs with finger-tightened nuts. The lightweight, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pan is contoured to rest flat with the sides gripping the wheel’s drop-center. The pan fits most 22.5- and 24.5-in., 10-hole hub or stud-piloted steel or alloy super single, wide-base and dual wheels.

The pan features a pair of self-draining shelves for placement of hub covers, bearings, retainers, seals and hub or axle nuts. It holds up to 124 fluid ounces and features two drip-proof drain spouts for easy waste disposal. 

The HDPE plastic resists heat and warping, and deep sides and flat bottom prevent accidental spills on the floor or a work bench.

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