Driver alert system added to Aeris tire inflation system

An advanced driver alert system that identifies which wheel ends are taking air has been added to the Aeris line of automatic tire inflation systems. The ability to identify issues leads to faster corrective action, maker Stemco Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) said.

“There are a number of systems with warning lights that alert drivers when they have a tire taking air, but these systems do not tell the driver exactly where the problem is occurring,” said Chris Steph, Stemco ITS segment business leader. “The Stemco Aeris SmartSense driver alert system is the only system on the market that also indicates to the driver and maintenance team exactly where they are having issues. The Aeris SmartSense driver alert system is an upgrade from a standard driver warning light in that it is equipped with LED indicators that inform the driver and maintenance team which wheel ends have taken air and which are frequently taking air.”

The Aeris SmartSense driver alert system also features Zero Power Technology, which notifies the maintenance team which tires need service even when the trailer is disconnected from power, the company said. When power is disconnected, service icons remain displayed on the indicator to inform the technician which tires took air during the last trip and which wheel ends are frequently taking air.

The system is also equipped with a radio frequency link between the Aeris control box and the driver-warning lamp that can eliminate the need for the fleet maintenance crew to install a hardwire link.

“When tires take air, it’s a stressful time for both the driver and the maintenance team,” says Steph. “We’re certain that our new Aeris SmartSense driver alert system will help give peace of mind to drivers and make maintenance easier for technicians.”

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