Eaton adds split shaft PTO enhancements to UltraShift Plus

Eaton has added split shaft power take-off (PTO) enhancements to its UltraShift Plus automated transmissions. The enhancements now allow for transmission gear selection and clutch control outside of a vehicle’s cab.

Based on vehicle application and body builder design, the transmission also allows for the use of all transmission gear ratios for PTO minimum and maximum drive gears, Eaton said.

“Prior to these new enhancements, the only way to engage the split shaft PTO was from inside the cab,” said Ryan Trzybinski, product planning manager for Eaton. “Now operators have remote clutch and remote shift capabilities from a panel outside of the cab along with the existing remote throttle.”

The remote shifting capabilities adhere to SAE J-1939 commands. Transmission shifting may also be performed during split shaft PTO operation.

Production of UltraShift Plus transmissions with the split shaft PTO feature additions begins this month. The standard UltraShift PLUS warranties, which are dependent on application, remain the same for this newest application of automated transmissions. 

All Eaton UltraShift Plus transmissions feature self-adjusting electronic clutch actuation for fast, smooth engagements. Intelligent shift selection software employs grade sensing, weight computation and driver throttle commands to make shift decisions for efficient, safe and profitable vehicle performance.

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