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Eaton boosts Roadranger network

Eaton Corp. has further strengthened its Roadranger service network with enhancements designed to better meet the needs of its heavy-duty trucking customers.

The changes Eaton outlined include upgrading the features in the company’s ServiceRanger 4 online diagnostics and service software; extending the availability of the Roadranger Call Center to now include 24/7/365 customer support; and introducing a new fuel-efficient synthetic transmission lubricant.

“Providing outstanding after-the-sale support for Eaton transmissions and components has been a longstanding pledge to our customers and these enrichments solidify that commitment,” said Bill Auvil, manager, Service Solutions, Eaton. “This is another example of what Eaton will continue to do to maintain our status as the industry’s top service provider.”

Dealers, fleets and service locations can now select from three ServiceRanger 4 packages - Basic, Standard and Professional.  ServiceRanger4 is available on the Roadranger website and requires an access code that can be purchased with a credit card for activation. Once payment is made for the secure, e-commerce website, customers are instantly notified by email with a personalized code.

ServiceRanger 4 upgrades include:

  • Improved, user-friendly and intuitive interfacing that has resulted in clear, crisp screen layouts.
  • High-visibility color schemes that allow for easier daylight viewing.
  • Enhanced troubleshooting procedures that link directly to fault codes.
  • Real-time updates to product and service literature, as well as access to Service Ranger4 updates.
  • New communications links that bring together customers’ computers and Eaton support staff.

The new synthetic transmission fluid, with a PS-386 specification, supersedes the current Roadranger PS- 164 Rev7 specification. It features lower viscosity properties that promote better fuel efficiency, lower sump temperatures, enhanced low temperature start properties, higher oxidation stability, increased shear stability, and is backward compatible.

Various testing, including SAE J1321 Fuel Consumption conducted by an independent research facility and independent fleet, have shown fuel efficiency improvements up to 1.5% on popular Eaton transmissions, such as the FR series manual and UltraShift Plus automated manuals, the company said.

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