Fairbanks offers Talon series highway scales

Fairbanks Scales offers its Talon Series Highway Vehicle Scales with Intalogix technology.

“Boasting the longest-lasting construction of any steel deck scales in the industry, the Talon is offered in two capacities to meet unique application requirements,” the company said. “The Talon HV design is a durable and dependable design for most applications. For ‘extreme’ volume weighing applications, the Talon HVX is designed to withstand these duty-cycles.”

The Talon is offered with either a steel deck or field-poured concrete and its incredibly strong modules are built to federal bridge standards. Talon scales have a solid deck design that resists deflection and metal fatigue, the company added.

“The open bottom design creates a natural ventilation system,” Fairbanks said. “Armored stainless steel load cell cabling is provided for durability. The Talon also has truly hermetically sealed load cells for protection from moisture as well as encapsulated circuit boards – a scale industry exclusive.”

Fairbanks’ Intalogix digital load cell technology is a feature of all Talon scales. Intalogix works by converting a weak analog load cell signal to a stronger, more reliable digital interface, according to the company.

The Talon product line is available for application in permanent above ground foundations or shallow pit applications. Talon scales can be delivered as a portable solution or in a highway system configuration to capture axle weighments.

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