Firm beefs up armored Sprinter

Firm beefs up armored Sprinter

Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has beefed up a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for use as an armored vehicle in the transportation of monetary goods and other valuables.

The newest iteration of an armored Sprinter by Inkas is able to accommodate approximately 1200 additional lbs. of cargo without a single modification to the vehicle’s suspension system. The increased payload is achieved through the engineering of a new body shell built using industry-leading composites as well as proprietary light-weight armoring materials and components, Inkas said.

Inkas had previously built an armored “cash-in-transit” Sprinter.

The interior of the van incorporates three fully separate compartments adding an enhanced safety layer atop of the already bulletproof vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with heavy duty rear and side doors providing easier loading and unloading as well as effortless access for security guards.

The Sprinter’s standard sliding side door was replaced with a swing door, improving overall reliability and ballistic protection. The hinges on the cargo doors were specifically designed to support the extra weight of armored doors. All in all, this vehicle’s excellent maneuverability, payload capacity and safety level makes it an ideal choice for servicing banks in populous urban areas.

“We are pleased to introduce the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for armored security services. As one of the divisions at the Inkas Group of companies is a security firm providing cash management solutions, we have firsthand experience with operating a fleet of armored vehicles. Therefore, we know all of the requirements for cash in transit vehicles, including the importance in being able to carry additional weight along with a high level of maneuverability,” said Philip Daskal, vice president of international sales, Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing.

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