Flexible flatbed offers independent sliding axles

A new platform trailer from Fontaine Trailer Co. offers independent sliding axles, allowing the user to configure the axles in multiple combinations to suit payload needs and local laws.

The axles on the Infinity Superior Slide trailer can be configured as a closed tandem set at the rear, a closed tandem set at the front, a full 10 ft. spread axle, and any combination in between.

“Fontaine Trailer dealers deserve much of the credit for this new product launch,” said Alan Briley, vice president of sales and marketing. “They told us that fleets are reporting that several states are beginning to enforce kingpin-to-axle regulations, and that drivers need an easy way to stay in compliance... especially since these regulations vary from state to state, making it even more difficult for drivers to stay in compliance. The Fontaine Infinity Superior Slide is the solution. It gives drivers the ability to change axle settings quickly and easily to accommodate various state regulations, and to keep their equipment rolling no matter where they go. It’s perfect for leasing and rental operations where 'you never know' where the trailer might end up running.”

The trailer, like the entire Infinity line, is constructed with fabricated steel mainbeams and steel crossbracing, aluminum floor and rear skirt, and with Fontaine’s exclusive RASR routed aluminum side rail. The result is a durable trailer that delivers the perfect balance of strength, weight and economy, Fontaine said.

Infinity mainbeams are built with grade 130 flanges and welded continuously on both sides. The design and construction are so strong that Fontaine backs it in writing with the XtremeBeam lifetime warranty.

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