Fontaine Alternative Fuels launches website

Fontaine Alternative Fuels has launched a website dedicated to the alternative fuel conversion process. The company was created earlier this year by the segmentation of Fontaine Modification.

The site,, provides an overview of the advanced fuel system and alternative fuel engine installations offered at the company’s eight modification centers nationwide.

“Alternative fuel conversions are increasing in popularity and the website will grow as the company grows,” said Paul Kokalis, executive vice president of Fontaine Alternative Fuels. “We are constantly engineering and testing new systems and look forward to helping fleet managers, dealers and OEM representatives find the right alternative fuel solutions for their vehicles.”

Fontaine Alternative Fuels specializes in compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and propane autogas (LPG) systems.

The company also offers mobile installation of its retrofit kits for fleets not located near a modification center.

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