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Fontaine Parts enhances security for vehicles, freight

Fontaine Parts Connection has introduced four new products to increase security for heavy-duty vehicles and freight, the company recently announced.

The new products include a “clean hands” kingpin lock, locks for the brake valves on the dash, locking nuts for the wheels, and locks for the glad hands to keep trailers from being moved without authorization. The products can also be used to prevent movement of trucks or trailers during repairs.

“Fontaine Parts Connection developed these solutions to meet the needs of our end-user customers, who face an ever-increasing problem of vehicle and freight theft,” said Peyton Ford, product manager. “All of these innovations are aimed at loss prevention. For example, our new locking nuts are designed to deter theft of aluminum wheels, which could cost a truck owner up to $8,000 in replacement expenses. The tally for freight loss obviously could go much higher.”

All four products will be available through the North American network of heavy-duty parts distributors and dealers who sell Fontaine Fifth Wheel parts.

“We have packaged these products in point-of-purchase displays so that the customer has all of the necessary information at hand,” said Craig Chicks, sales manager. “We are pleased with the response from our distributor partners who are adding these products to their offering.”

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