Formula said to stop rear main seal leaks

Bar’s Leaks has introduced Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair, a new concentrated formula it said will offer a low-cost way to stop vehicle leaks.

According to the company, the product features same unique blend of polymers, lubricity agents, anti-oxidants and conditioners as the original Rear Main Seal Repair in a much smaller bottle: 16.9 oz. vs. 32 oz.

“Bar’s Leaks has offered affordable stop leak solutions since 1947,” said Clay Parks, vice president of development. “As the cost of some of the non-essential ingredients in our product has increased, we looked at the best ways to keep our price as low as possible for our customers. Reducing the base oil while maintaining the same level of key additives allows us to offer a Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair that will stop all oil leaks very affordably.”

Designed to stop leaks at the rear main seal, it can also be used to stop leaks at the timing cover seal, O-rings and other seals and gaskets.

Bar’s Leaks Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair works with all gasoline and diesel engines that use conventional, high-mileage or synthetic motor oil. One bottle treats four to six quarts of oil. Larger systems use one bottle for every five quarts of oil capacity.

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