Gabriel releases new FleetLine, GasSLX shocks

Gabriel (Ride Control) announced it will release its updated FleetLine commercial truck, trailer, and bus shocks and GasSLX shocks.

According to the company, the updates to these products were made after extensive discussions with customers to determine real-world needs, and represent major innovations to keep the shocks’ damping characteristics consistent over the life of the shock through reduced misting, and reduced maintenance downtime through improved corrosion resistance.

FleetLine shocks are designed as a direct replacement for commercial OE shocks, and so are built to meet or exceed OE specifications and quality standards. They feature a valving rate that compensates for initial truck suspension softening to deliver top performance, as well as a pressurized piston ring that compensates for wear, the company said.

“FleetLine shocks feature solid steel eye rings and end mounts, a durable, corrosion-resistant super-finished chromed piston rod, and a caged piston design for superior damping abilities along the entire spectrum of operation,” according to the company.

“The GasSLX is a premium adjustable gas shock for long-life commercial vehicles that delivers customizable comfort and control in a high-performance, durable product,” the company added. “The GasSLX’s gas cell design creates a physical barrier between gas and the high-temperature fluid to allow it to adapt to diverse road conditions and payloads without fade or reduced damping.”

The GasSLX features a multi-lip piston rod seal for greater fluid retention and high-temperature performance, as well as a pressurized metal piston ring, 10-stage valving and a super-finished chromed piston rod.

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