Giti regional drive tire for medium-, light-duty trucks

Giti Tire is introducing its GT Radial GDR619 regional drive tire for medium-sized and light-duty trucks. Also new to the North American market is the GAM835 mixed service tire, ideal for heavy haul service such as logging, mining, oil fields, refuse, mixer and dump trucks.

“Both new products benefit from advanced casing construction, design and compounding technologies developed specifically for North American fleets and roads, based on the expertise of the technical staff at the GITI Tire R&D Center (North America) Inc., in Akron, OH,” the company said. “The GT Radial GDR619 features a pattern design with four longitudinal grooves and solid blocks that provides good traction and braking with improved vehicle stability and driver comfort. A new casing and footprint design deliver good regular wear with high mileage potential. The tire’s modified bead construction improves uniformity and facilitates easier fitting to the rim.”

The GDR619 is available in four sizes: 215/75R17.5 14 ply, 235/75R17.5 14 ply, 225/70R19.5 14 ply, and 245/70R19.5 16 ply.

The GAM835 is designed for on/off road applications. “The tire’s new casing construction with optimized tread profile provides an optimal footprint for improved wear and vehicle handling, including excellent traction and braking properties,” the company said. “A new advanced anti-cut and anti-chip compound improves protection of the casing and increases stability and comfort for the driver. A combined rib and lug pattern design provides high resistance against tread tearing on aggressive road surfaces.”

The GAM835 is available in three sizes: 11R22.5 16 ply, 11R24.5 16 ply, and 315/80R22.5 20 ply (rated load 10,200 lbs. singles)

“This has been one of the most aggressive years ever for our company introducing new GT Radial commercial tires in North America, all resulting from valuable input from fleets and excellent research, design and testing by the Giti North American Technical Center,” said Patrick Gunn, director of sales and marketing, commercial tire, which markets and sells GT Radial commercial tires in North America. “These two new tires were developed specifically for North American fleets and roads. We expect market acceptance to be very strong once these tires get in use and prove their performance.”

Both new products are backed by the company’s 72-month warranty from the date of manufacture with first and second casing values.

According to the company, they also benefit from three technologies developed by the Giti R&D centers:

• The company’s Equal Force Carcass Technology, which the company said enables “an optimum tire footprint and equal force distribution, resulting in better control and regular tread wear. When the tread is wider, wearing volume and the ground contact area are increased leading to better wear, performance, fuel efficiency and high mileage. The pressure across the larger contact patch is distributed more evenly.”

• Thicker, stronger cushion rubber in the bead area is the result of Giti’s Duo Filler Technology, according to Giti. “This technology features a combination of two bead fillers: the hard bead filler is stiff for better durability and the soft bead filler helps provide a more comfortable ride and smoother handling,” the company said.

• “With Giti’s special Cap & Base Tread Design, the cap layer provides wear resistant qualities and the base rubber between the top layer and the casing includes a special, cooler running formulation that insulates the casing from heat buildup,” Giti said.

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