Goodyear rolls another Fuel Max tire model

Goodyear rolls another Fuel Max tire model

One Fuel Max RSA tire size is available now, with more to follow in early 2016, the tire maker says.

The Fuel Max RSA is a new regional/long haul fuel-saving tire being rolled out by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. that is also designed with “enhanced toughness” for driving in urban environments as well as long miles to removal and a high level of traction.

“The new Fuel Max RSA (seen at right) has been designed to deliver numerous benefits to help lower the operating costs for regional/long-haul fleets that operate mainly on-highway and have some exposure to urban driving,” noted Norberto Flores, Goodyear’s marketing manager, in a statement.

“Despite the fact that fuel costs have declined in recent months, fuel efficiency will remain a prominent fleet requirement,” he added. “That is why we’re extending Goodyear Fuel Max Technology to regional tires.”

The Fuel Max RSA, which is SmartWay-compliant, offers other features as well, Flores said:

  • Goodyear Fuel Max technology, which contains cool-running compounds to lower tire rolling resistance and improve fuel efficiency;
  • A tri-layer compound for longer mileage, less rolling resistance and greater curb impact resistance;
  • A “non-evolving” tread to help maintain traction through the tire’s lifecycle;
  • Super-tensile steel belts to add stability and enhance toughness
  • Goodyear Unisteel casing construction to enhance retread capability;
  • A computer-optimized tread design and footprint for more miles to removal;
  • Goodyear’s IntelliMax Rib Technology, which provides a stiffer tread area for lower rolling resistance, more even wear, and higher mileage.

“The Fuel Max RSA also offers outstanding snow traction thanks to its innovative tread design and boasts a 20/32-inch tread depth for lower cost-per-mile,” Flores added.

Goodyear noted that its new Fuel Max RSA is available in size 11R22.5, Load Range G.

Additional sizes – including 295/75R22.5 and 11R24.5 in Load Ranges G and H, and 11R22.5 in Load Range H – will be introduced in early 2016, the company noted.

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