Grote unveils new back-up combination light

The newest member of the Grote 4-in-1 lighting family is set to launch this week, the company announced. “As an all-in-one stop, tail, turn, back-up combination light, Grote’s new 4-inch round allows fleets to save time, money and space on both installation and maintenance,” the company said.

“There is no other product like it on the market,” said vice president of sales and marketing John Grote. “Grote has brought the first truly innovative product to the back of a vehicle since we introduced LEDs over 25 years ago.  We have solved the problem of combining multiple lamp functions in the smallest legal size, and making the lamp backwards compatible to any standard 4-inch round or 6-inch oval STT lamp.”

The new light fits most standard 4-inch round mounting hardware, and, according to the company, the 4-in-1 functionality allows for fewer lamps, connections, and mounting holes resulting in less frequent repairs and decreased time off the road awaiting replacement parts.

“Based on this new innovative design and clear product benefits, we are confident that this will be the most sought after tail lamp for all commercial vehicles since the introduction of LED lighting, said Randy Staggs, business development manager of signal lighting for Grote Industries. “With safety and reliability being a top concern for all commercial fleets, we even expect to see this new product concept on vehicles that previously did not utilize back-up lighting.”

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