Horton unveils new WindShift engine fan configurations

The new WindShift engine fan product line from Horton is now going to offer more fan configurations, including a wider selection of computer-optimized blades, the OEM said.

The new WindShift WSC and WSD blade designs, for starters, should provide maximum efficiency in low-restriction airflow applications such as HVAC [heating, ventilation, and air conditioning], ventilation, stationary power generators, auxiliary coolers and others. Engineered to fit in a narrower, more compact space, these new blades have less deflection, resulting in increased durability, said Horton.

The OEM added that these new fan designs are constructed with clamshell knuckles that clamp each blade to a 0.25-inch steel center disk, allowing the blades to be set to a specific pitch angle for increased airflow. Other options include clockwise or counterclockwise rotation and custom center disks for virtually any blade count, fan diameter and pilot or bolt circle pattern, said Jeff Wood, Horton’s product manager for fans.

“By offering our customers a greater range of modular fan solutions, we can engineer fans to meet or exceed the cooling demands for more applications,” he explained. “This flexibility combined with unique manufacturing processes and Horton’s exceptional service allows us to deliver custom-configured fans with shorter lead times.” 

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