Hyundai Translead now offers Bendix ADB22X-LT air disc brake

Aiming to provide its customers with trailers that combine the performance of air disc brakes with weight-saving and maintenance advantages, Hyundai Translead announced it now offers the Bendix ADB22X-LT from Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake.

“The advantages of air disc brakes are well-recognized across the industry, but the trailer market brings a different set of challenges and demands than tractor applications,” said Keith McComsey, director, marketing and customer solutions, Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake (BSFB). “The ability of the ADB22X-LT to meet those needs – and deliver dependability to fleets and drivers across North America – reflects our commitment to safety while lowering total cost of ownership.”

Bendix ADB22X-LT air disc brake
Bendix ADB22X-LT air disc brake

Engineered exclusively for trailers and unveiled in September 2016, the ADB22X-LT advances the design of Bendix’s ADB22X, which, the company noted, is spec’d on more than 85% of Class 6-8 wheel-ends in North America that are equipped with air disc brakes. The ADB22X-LT’s design weighs in at 40 pounds lighter per tandem axle and helps deliver increased payload capacity and value in trailer applications that are particularly sensitive to brake weight.

In addition, the Bendix ADB22X-LT offers a pad replacement time approximately one-quarter that of foundation drum brakes, once the wheel is removed. According to the company, the brake pad’s design eliminates the possibility of rust jacking, and the system features an internal self-adjustment mechanism that can help lower the risk of brakes being found out of adjustment during inspection, which can effect Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) scoring.

“The ADB22X-LT features a new brake pad, the Bendix BX276, which delivers 8% more wearable volume and up to a 40% improvement in wear rate compared to previous pads, combining to extend the service life beyond current air disc brake pad standards,” the company stressed. “BX276 is an effective replacement to its predecessor, BX275, for both tractor and trailer applications. Fleets that pair the ADB22X-LT with tractor units using the ADB22X can expect streamlining in the shop, since the two brakes share replacement wear items, such as pads, tappets, and boots, and utilize the same training and maintenance practices.”

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