Idle Smart unveils cold-weather starting feature

Idle Smart has unveiled a new feature designed to help prevent issues with starting a truck after long idle periods in cold temperatures.

With cold weather guard, Idle Smart customers have the ability to have the truck start at a specific outside temperature and run for a desired amount of time. Drivers simply use the idle reduction solution’s in-cab display and menu driven format to program a starting temperature and run interval.

“The cold weather guard feature of our Idle Smart solution is a much less expensive way to ensure a truck will start after sitting in cold temperatures,” said Ryan Bennett, vice president-product and marketing. “Without the need for fuel line or tank heaters, electric shore power-based systems or someone to go out and start the truck, Idle Smart automatically starts the engine at a pre-set temperature and runs it for a pre-determined amount of time. Our customers asked for this protection, and with it fleets and drivers can virtually eliminate cold weather related fuel gelling and battery drain, or the cost of a service call.”

The addition of the cold weather guard is the latest enhancement to the idle reduction solution. Recent improves facilitate installation on every make and model of truck, as well as a new algorithm in the Idle Smart Fuel Optimization Software that determines when to automatically turn off the unit, saving unnecessary idling if the system is left on when the driver is not in the vehicle.

Idle Smart continuously monitors interior and ambient temperatures and starts and stops a vehicle to maintain desired cabin temperature and reduce fuel consumption.


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