Intermodal vehicle restraint

As intermodal shipping increases in the U.S., Rite-Hite has responded to the need to secure containers with the RHR-4000 Dok-Lok vehicle restraint.

The RHR-4000 rotating hook restraint adds another layer of safety by securing overseas container chassis, which can have a plate or obstruction above the rear impact guard, while maintaining its exclusive hook design that provides the largest wrap over rear impact guards in the industry, the company said. It has a water-and dust-resistant IP66-rated motor and a corrosive resistant finish that meets the ASTM B117 testing standard.

The Dok-Lok, first introduced in 1980, helps prevent trailer separation accidents, including early departure, and landing gear collapse, as well as trailer creep, pop up, upending and tip over. The new model adds a “shadow hook” for an additional layer of safety to secure container chassis or rear impact guards (RIG) with obstructions.

“This product addresses safety and security issues that will only continue to grow as the percentage of intermodal trailers coming into U.S. distribution centers increases,” said Joe Manone, president of Rite-Hite Products. “The RHR-4000 offers the most universal hook design, with the best wrap on a RIG and the widest working range of any rotating hook restraint on the market.”

All Rite-Hite restraints come standard with the Rite-Vu light communication system, including Corner Vu, which provides immediate Dok-Lok status-at-a-glance to the forklift driver before entering the trailer; and Leveler-Vu, which confirms Dok-Lok status to the forklift driver while inside the trailer.

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