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Isuzu’s Reach van given hybrid electric powertrain from XL Hybrids

INDIANAPOLIS. XL Hybrids announced that its XL3 hybrid electric drive system is now available on the Reach commercial van from Isuzu and Utilimaster.

“XL Hybrids’ philosophy is to be nimble with our strategic direction and technology development,” said Tod Hynes, president and founder of XL Hybrids. “Our customers are asking us to expand our platforms because they see immediate savings with a 25% increase in miles per gallon. In addition to 20% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, the technology has a quick adoption rate for fleets since there’s no need for special plugs, charging or fueling infrastructure.”

The XL3 hybrid electric drive system saves fuel through regenerative braking, a process by which the electric motor helps slow the vehicle when the driver brakes, charging the battery, XL Hybrids said. When the driver accelerates, the battery releases the energy to the electric motor, helping propel the vehicle.

The system is immediately available on the Reach van with 2,500 pounds payload capacity with the XL3 system installed. It can ordered with new vans or retrofitted onto current vehicles.

The Reach van is a high roof Class 3 delivery van that comes with a standard 151.4 inch wheelbase and the high efficiency 3.0L, 150 HP, Isuzu DOHC I-4 diesel engine.

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