Jacobs engine brake available for International A26

Jacobs Vehicle Systems announced the launch of a compression release engine brake for the International A26 engine.

Jacobs and Navistar engineers collaborated to provide an engine brake for the latest A26 International engine offering. “By leveraging the benefits of the new Variable Geometry Turbo, the A26 engine brake performance increased up to 67% at lower engine speeds and higher altitudes,” according to the company. “This engine update improves driveability, increases foundation brake life, and lowers total cost of ownership of International trucks equipped with the A26 engine brake.”

“Jacobs is proud to continue working with Navistar and International Trucks to provide engine brakes that complement their latest A26 engine. With this enhanced Jacobs Engine Brake, drivers experience a reduction in the need for downshifting and improved NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness),” said Sergio Sgarbi, president, Jacobs Vehicle Systems.

The Jacobs Engine Brake is now available on the A26 engine and will come factory installed on all International LTtm Series of long-haul vehicles and RHtm Series of regional haul vehicles.

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