Kenworth adds dual LNG tank to T800, options to cabovers

Kenworth adds dual LNG tank to T800, options to cabovers

Kenworth Truck Co. made a pair of announcements late last week, including the introduction of dual fuel tanks on its liquefied natural gas (LNG) T800s powered by a 15L Westport GX engine.

The company also unveiled new options to its medium-duty K270 and K370 cabover models.

“By equipping a Kenworth T800 with dual LNG fuel tanks, operators now have the option of running the truck up to 700 mi. on a single fueling,” said Alan Fennimore, Kenworth’s vocational marketing manager. “This option doubles the operating range of a typical LNG-powered Kenworth T800 equipped with a single LNG tank, making the truck a better choice for long haulers with slip-seat or drop-and-hook operations and for regional haulers whose drivers travel long distances, but still return home at the end of their shifts.”

The dual tanks of the LNG T800 use a Dewar flask (or cryogenic tank) system designed to keep the fuel in its liquid state at minus 260 deg. F. The tanks can hold up to 60 diesel gal. equivalents of fuel.

“By providing a dual LNG tank configuration, Kenworth is helping truck operators take full advantage of plans by major fuel providers to install a larger network of natural gas fueling stations across the United States,” Fennimore said.

The T800 with dual LNG tanks can be ordered in a gross combination weight (GCW) of up to 80,000 lbs. for over-the-road operation, with additional ratings exceeding 100,000 lbs. available for certain applications, Kenworth said.

They are only available on T800 day cab or extended day cab models at this time with a minimum 220-in. wheelbase.

The GX engine features Westport’s high-pressure direct injection technology and is available in power ratings from 400 to 475 hp. and torque ratings from 1,450 to 1,750 lbs.-ft.

Kenworth also announced new options for its K270 and K370 cabovers, including a 22.5-in. tire and wheel package.

The new wheel package will allow the vehicles to match up with standard dock heights in several applications, said Doug Powell, medium duty marketing manager. Depending on van body installation options, the cab floor will be at approximately 50 in. up from the ground with an 11R22.5-in. package. The K270 will also retain the 19.5-in. tire and wheel package as an alternative for customers that require a lower step height and entry, Powell added.

With the new wheel package comes new wheelbase ranges. The K370 can be spec’d with a wheelbase range of 146 in. to 242 in. in 12-in. increments. According to Powell, the longer wheelbase allows for up to a 28-ft. van body installation, while the shorter wheelbase can accommodate a van body length down to 16 ft. The cab-to-axle dimension now starts at 120 in. with variations up to 217 in. at a 242-in. wheelbase.  

The K270, when equipped with 19.5-in. tires and wheels, has four new wheelbase sizes, ranging in size from 142 in. to 238 in. in 12-in. increments.

“These significant enhancements for the Kenworth K270 and K370 cabovers provide customers with more choices to better fit with more medium duty applications,” said Powell. “Both vehicles provide customers with excellent maneuverability, ease of service, durability, exceptional visibility, and styling.”

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