Kit includes barrier hose assembly tools

Gates Corp. has released a new kit that includes hand-held tools needed to create A/C barrier hose assemblies directly on vehicles without the need for expensive traditional crimping methods.

The PolarSeal II clamp assortment system includes:

  • 50 clamps (in five different sizes) color coded for easy identification
  • Specially designed Gates ratcheting pliers that do not release until the assembly is crimped thereby preventing leaks, improper and/or poor quality crimps, and comebacks
  • A compact and convenient small I.D. hose cutter useful for on-vehicle repair
  • A hose cutter replacement blade
  • Clamps that include a positioning guide to ensure proper alignment over the fitting stem, eliminating the need for a separate cage
  • A compartmentalized plastic toolkit that organizes all of the pieces in the kit and includes labels with product barcodes for easy re-stocking

“With summer coming and temperatures on the rise, the demand to repair A/C systems will be increasing. This new assortment makes installing PolarSeal II, our low-permeation, reduced barrier A/C hose system, a breeze,” said Steve Baysinger, automotive aftermarket product manager.

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