Liftgate dual pole installation/conversion kit offered

Phillips Industries has released a new liftgate dual pole installation or a single to dual pole conversion kit. The product addresses fleet needs to have a ground return system versus a chassis ground system for the supplemental power requirements of liftgates, the company said.

Liftgates that use single pole systems are grounded through the 5th wheel and kingpin. When the kingpin ground is interrupted, the 8 gauge wire at the J560 connector can easily become overloaded, leaving no lights and ABS on the trailer. 5th wheel Teflon and other protective coating no longer make the ground path as reliable, compared to when the 5th wheel was uncoated.

The dual pole cable has a dedicated positive and ground line directly from the tractor batteries. The extra reliability in the connection ensures that the charge to the liftgate batteries is continuous, and not intermittently relying on the 5th-wheel/king-pin ground combination.

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