Now under development Gunite aluminum brake drum with metal matrix composite technology could save up to 100 lbs per axle while improving brake performance

Now under development, Gunite aluminum brake drum with metal matrix composite technology could save up to 100 lbs. per axle while improving brake performance.

Lighter aluminum wheels, steel wheels with corrosion warranty from Accuride

LAS VEGAS.  Two new heavy-duty aluminum wheels that are 5% to 7% lighter were introduced by Accuride Corp. during the 2016 Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week conference.  The company also announced the first commercial vehicle steel wheel to be offered with a corrosion warranty.

The company also announced during the conference that its recent acquisition of patented metal matrix composite (MMC) technology will allow it to develop advanced lightweight brake drums and wheel end components.  Marketed under the Gunite brand name, those products will include a new MMC aluminum brake drum now under development.  Such a drum would not only save as much as 100 lbs. per axle compared to standard cast drums, but would also improve heat dissipation and braking performance, according to the company.

Available in April, the new Accuride aluminum wheels are both standard type 22.5x9.00s re-engineered to improve fuel economy through weight reduction without impacting performance.  The 41730 weighs 58 lbs., which is four lbs. lighter than the 29730 model it replaces; the 41012 is 51 lbs., or three lbs. lighter than the 40012 model it replaces.

The company’s new EverSteel wheels use a proprietary four-phase coating process said to double the operational life of Accuride’s Steel Armor wheels in independent cyclical corrosion testing.  Steel wheels made with the new technology will come with what Accuride says is the industry’s first five-yr. corrosion warranty for commercial vehicle steel wheels.  Delaying corrosion onset should extend the steel wheels’ usable life and cut wheel refinishing and maintenance costs, according to the company.

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