Lighter belly dump offers more load potential

Lighter belly dump offers more load potential

A new belly dump trailer from American Carrier Equipment weighs in at under 10,000 lbs., offering carriers additional load capacity for a quicker return on investment.

The ultra-high-tensile-strength steel bottom dump trailer, which weighs 9,680 lbs, is now being delivered to customers in the western United States.

According to the company, the trailer is 30% lighter, has 300% greater structural integrity and accommodates 12.5% greater load capacity than competitive offerings.

The company tapered the trailer’s front and rear structural members to alleviate stress points throughout the trailer, creating a stronger framework and a lighter vehicle in the process.

Towing properties have also been enhanced through the addition of a unique, fully oscillating kingpin. Unlike the sleeve-type designs used in some trailer kingpins, the kingpin functions as a solid, finished bearing, helping to absorb and disperse the lateral stresses exerted on the trailer through pull and brake torque.

The interior bed slope has been engineered to promote optimum load release flow when the gate is opened, the company said, and the design promotes complete emptying and reduces the potential for load material, such as asphalt, to “bridge” or form into non-flowing masses that remain in the trailer bed.

Standard features include ultra-high-tensile-strength steel construction, fuel-saving super single tires and lightweight aluminum wheels. The trailer can also be fitted with risers that extend the bed capacity, allowing it to haul larger volumes of lighter weight material.

The trailer is available in tandem-axle, tri-axle and quad-axle configurations.

“We’ve built a better mousetrap that saves the end-user money by being lighter, stronger, more durable and higher functioning in the field,” said Rick Hutcheson, managing member, new business development for American Carrier Equipment. “Since its founding in 1934, ACE has built a reputation for intelligent design and quality construction, and I think the founders would be proud to see the brand name applied to this new trailer.”

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