Loyalty program launched for Shell Rotella

MyMileMatter (www.mymilesmatter.com) will offer products, services and gift cards to users of Shell Rotella engine oils. The new loyalty program launches in the U.S. on March 1, but is now open for registration.

Members of the program can collect reward “miles” by using the new website to enter codes found under the caps of Shell Rotella T Triple Protection, T5 and T6 retail jugs. Full-service oil changes with those products at participating locations will also be eligible for the program’s rewards.

“We know that trucks and equipment are vital to the livelihood of many people, which is why for over 40 years Shell Rotella has delivered products that help keep trucks on the road and equipment operating,” said Chris Guerrero, Shell Rotella global brand manager. “We want to continue the tradition of being a best-in-class brand by treating our customers to My Miles Matter, a loyalty program that rewards people for choosing the Shell Rotella brand to protect their trucks and equipment.”

Registered members will also have access to special educational content and exclusive events, according to Guerrero.

Shell Lubricants has also announced a new synthetic gear oil intended for automated mechanical transmissions such as the Volvo I-Shift and Mack mDrive.  It also offers extended drain potential and fuel efficiency benefits, according to Guerrero.

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