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Mack Anthem in Mexico
Dancers draw attention as Mack reveals the Anthem at Expo Transporte. (Photo: Neil Abt/Fleet Owner)

Mack Trucks unveils Anthem model for Mexican market

GUADALAJARA, Mexico. Mack Trucks officially brought its new Anthem model to this country, a key part of its strategy to make additional strides into the growing market.

Mack showcased the Anthem and its expanded Mexican dealer network during a series of events at the Expo Transporte trade show. Besides Mexico, the Anthem will soon be available throughout Latin America.

Dennis Slagle, president of Mack, said in a statement the Anthem “will help boost Mack’s presence in the important Mexican market.”

Martin Saenz, managing director of Volvo Trucks Mexico, discusses Mack's growth in Mexico.

Mack first launched the Anthem model for the U.S. and Canadian markets in September.

Citing numerous upgrades to the driving and sleeping environments inside the cab, John Walsh, Mack’s vice president of global marketing, said orders have surpassed the company’s expectations, though he declined to provide specifics. He added Mack was projecting 235,000 Class 8 sales in North American for 2017, with that rising to at least 260,000 next year.

Mack's John Walsh answers a question from the Mexican press.

“There is upward pressure on that number,” Walsh noted of the growing optimism about 2018.

As for the Anthem, it is available in multiple variations, including a 70-inch sleeper, enabling even tall drivers to walk-through the cab.

In Mexico, the Anthem comes standard with Euro 4-rated Mack MP engines. Where approved, and where ultra-low-sulfur diesel and diesel exhaust fluid are available, customers can choose Mack’s model year 2017 MP8 engine that reduces emissions and further enhances fuel efficiency beyond the 3% projected gain over previous models.

The Anthem is also available with Mack’s GuardDog Connect remote diagnostics system. While that has been available a number of years in the United States and Canada, it is a newer development in Mexico.

Mack also highlighted the brighter exterior LED lighting on the Anthem, which officials said could help cut into the high number of accidents that plague Mexican roadways.

During its press event Mack honored the Trasca dealership group that has added 18 new locations to the network. It is an example, company officials said, of the ongoing investment to enhance the dealer network and service performance throughout Mexico.

The football challenge was part of the interactivity at Mack's booth.

Mack’s booth at Expo Transporte positioned itself as the tough and durable truck that is just the right fit for the Mexican market. That included a football challenge area to promote its sponsorship deal with the Oakland Raiders’ defensive standout Khalil Mack. The timing was fitting with the NFL team scheduled to host a game in Mexico City against the New England Patriots this weekend.


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