The market for used Caterpillar trucks

Caterpillar announced earlier this year that they will no longer produce on-highway trucks.  I wanted to determine how this has impacted the trucks on the used market in terms of pricing and volume changes. 

Despite lower average ages, the CT660S model prices much lower than the CT660L with even higher average mileage given their ages.  The volume of each model on the used market has influenced the pricing as the number of these trucks available for sale has risen so far in 2016. 

In my experience, the Caterpillar trucks have been maintaining original value well on the used market and I do not believe the jump in volume is solely due to the announcement of stopping production, but these trucks are finally coming of age to trade-in for upgrades. 

Given Caterpillar’s short time in the on-highway truck industry, they have done a superb job in maintaining truck values in comparison to other manufacturers.

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