McNeilus unveils front loader, organic refuse option

McNeilus unveils front loader, organic refuse option

McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing introduced two new products for the waste and recycling industries this week at WasteExpo in Las Vegas. The new front loader and organics separator both aim to make collection easier for fleets.

The Meridian front loader has a base body weight of 16,800 lbs., a 14-ton payload rating and is rated to lift 10,000 lbs. It features a clear headframe, underbody hydraulics and an electrical sidewall panel. Hydraulic valves have been relocated under the body rather than the typical placement on the headframe, the company said, which eliminates problems caused by potential leaks and provides protection from hot exhaust. An enclosed sidewall panel houses the electrical components, keeping them away from heat and any refuse debris.

“The Meridian hits the productivity sweet spot our customers need with its reduced body weight, and increased lifting and payload capacities,” said Brad Nelson, president, McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing and Oshkosh Commercial Segment. “It was built by leveraging our proven technology, expertise and most importantly, customer input.”

The Meridian is also available with McNeilus’ NGEN Tailgate CNG system. This system is offered in 60, 75, 90 and 105 DGE capacities and includes several unique benefits, such as a pressure relief device (PRD) system that provides continuous heat protection along the full length of the CNG tanks; McNeilus strike protection, providing a sturdy steel covering that surrounds key components; toolboxes integrated into the tailgate that free up space on the frame and provide storage; ground level fuel shut-off that allows operators or maintenance personnel to manually stop the flow of fuel at one convenient location; and tailgate props designed for easier deployment and access.

The company also unveiled a rear loader organics option. The product, which is available for all McNeilus rear loaders, features a standard 40-gal. leachate tank that captures and contains the liquids common to food and organic waste, as well as a drain port, for easier disposal. This leachate tank is also available in 50-, 60- and 90-gal. options.

“As more communities, restaurants, food manufacturers and institutions are separating food waste, many of our customers are expressing interest in organics recycling,” said Duane Speikers, McNeilus product manager. “Working with them to better manage their waste streams, we developed an organics option that fits any McNeilus rear loader, including trucks already in service.”

Other exclusive features of the organics package include sweep panel seals, with brush skirting, to help hold in liquid as organic material is compacted. Load edge extensions increase the height of the hopper opening and further protect against leaking, along with an extended tailgate seal that runs along the full length of the tailgate.

An additional option are Excalibre slide and sweep cylinders that offer top protection against hydraulic contamination that can be caused by organic material.

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