Meritor launches training by truck

Meritor launches training by truck

LAS VEGAS. Fitted with tools, working displays and other educational aids, two dedicated mobile training units will make a five-city tour later this year to train both maintenance executives and technicians on critical brake system components, according to Meritor Inc. The trucks are part of a new push by the company’s Aftermarket business to educate customers on what they say are critical brake and tire issues coming under more intense scrutiny with the federal compliance and safety accountability (CSA) program.

Although dates have not been finalized, Meritor announced at Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week that the trucks will visit five cities - Anaheim, Denver, St. Louis, Toronto and Atlanta. The company’s trainers will hold two sessions in each. One will be designed for fleet and repair facility managers, offering them an overview of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 121) stopping distance requirements, reduced stopping distance regulations and CSA implications. The second will dig into actual inspection and repair issues for technicians.

In addition to the scheduled events, both trucks will be available of one-on-one training sessions at fleet locations, according to Rick Martin, senior manager of aftermarket training.

The training trucks - Nissan NV2500 high-roof vans - are equipped with video monitors and working air systems boards, as well as actual brake hardware. For hands-on training purposes, each van will have also carry cam and air disc brake hardware, friction and wheel ends, air valves, air dryers, Meritor Wabco RSS stability control systems, electronic diagnostics, automatic traction control, anti-lock brakes and collision mitigation systems.

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