Michelin launches new wide base single, retread

Michelin launches new wide base single, retread

Michelin Americas Truck Tires has officially launched its X One Line Energy D tire and a pre-mold retread. The tire and retread are for line haul drive positions and are SmartWay verified.

“The Michelin X One Line Energy D tire pushes the boundaries of performance with a 15 percent improvement in tread life versus the Michelin XDA Energy tire,” said Ted Becker, vice president of marketing for Michelin Americas Truck Tires. “The X One Line Energy D tire also delivers what fleets are seeking today, the best fuel efficiency without compromising tread life.”

The X One Line Energy D tire is engineered with dual energy compounds that provide a top layer of tread rubber for increased fuel efficiency and exceptional wear properties, the company said. The bottom layer incorporates a cool running tread rubber which minimizes internal casing temperatures for low rolling resistance and extended casing life.

The tire is directional and uses matrix siping for optimized traction and even wear. A wide footprint and a solid shoulder reduce irregular wear. It incorporates two Michelin exclusive features –Michelin’s Infini-Coil Technology, a 1/4 mi. of steel cable to help eliminate casing growth and a rectangular-bead bundle that reduces heat and fatigue.

The tire has a full width elastic protector ply for greater casing protection and is available in the 445/50R22.5 size.

The pre-mold retread has a winged tread which extends the tread life, disperses stress resulting in a highly durable bond to provide maximum shoulder adhesion in high scrub applications. The retread has 22/32nds of tread depth and is only available for retreading on 445/50R22.5 Michelin X One casings. The retread will be available July 1.

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