Mitchell 1 sharing repair information with JPRO module

Technicians using Noregon’s JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics 2013 v1 and its Next Step Service module can now easily retrieve repair information from Mitchell 1’s system.

Through this interface, automatically communicates comprehensive repair information for any diagnostic trouble code identified by Noregon’s JPRO software.

A technician using Noregon’s system can access the Next Step Service module and retrieve DTC-related service information including description of trouble code, related wiring diagrams, component connector views, electrical component locator, testing procedures, removal and installation procedures and DTC-related specifications.

Repair-Connect anticipates the detailed information required to fix the vehicle based on the DTC and retrieves it in seconds, Mitchell 1 said.

“Mitchell 1 developed to save the technician time by eliminating the need to manually look up repair information for the DTC,” said Dave Costantino, director commercial vehicle group for Mitchell 1. “With, all the information needed to fix the problem is delivered automatically. Our partnership with Noregon and its JPRO products is a logical next step and we are pleased our discussions have led to the market availability of Next Step Service with the interface.”

Mitchell 1 online vehicle repair products, and, include thousands of detailed color wiring diagrams to help solve complex electrical problems as well as full-color photos that provide a real-world view of many vehicle components and assemblies.

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