Mitsubishi Electric debuts new alternator for heavy-duty trucks

LOUISVILLE, KY. Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America, Inc. announced an addition to its alternator line here at Mid-America—the Diamond Power A200 (DP A200) for heavy-duty trucks. 

The company said the DP A200 features many new technologies unique to heavy-duty alternators and has been awarded five new patents.

Per Mitsubishi Electric, the key features and benefits of the Diamond Power A200 are:

  • Highest efficiency rating among major 12v heavy-duty alternators in North America, providing improved fuel economy
  • Weighs 6.8lbs (-24%) less than the closest competitor for improved fuel economy, ease of installation, and less front axle weight for increased payload potential
  • Provides 137 amps of output at engine idle speed
  • Boasts  “remote-sense” and “5-wire” technology
  • Extreme heat tolerance, exceeding all North American OE requirements
  • Designed to last more than 1,000,000 miles
  • Covered by three-year/unlimited mile Diamond Gard warranty

Mitsubishi Electric stated that the DP A200 requires minimal engine horsepower to operate to make it extremely energy efficient.  By placing less drag on the engine, the company added, it achieves a “significant reduction in fuel consumption.”

What’s more, the manufacturer said the alternator is “designed and built to outlive the truck’s original ownership, with major advances in corrosion protection, vibration resistance, and heat tolerance.

In addition, the DP A200 extends battery life with its “remote-sense capability” and reduced deep cycling, and by maintaining full output at very high temperatures.

Now undergoing validation trials and field-testing at several OEMs, both the DP A200 and DP A160 (released last year) are currently available for replacement and upgrade applications through regular dealer and independent aftermarket distribution channels in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Mitsubishi Electric noted that these two PAD–mount, brushless, 5-wire alternators are bolt-in replacements for any existing alternator on all engines with the PAD mount feature.

In addition, the company said having only one part number for each alternator model ensures minimal inventory requirements for the retailer.

“With the DP A200, we pulled out all the stops in the design department,” said Dave Stone, executive director, Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Heavy-Duty Operations.

“It is truly an amazing machine, yet very competitively priced,” he continued. “It will provide the industry with a new state-of-the-art option and further establish Mitsubishi Electric as a significant new player in the North American heavy-truck alternator market.

“The combination of the DP A200 and DP A160 provides our customers with a product portfolio that I believe is far superior to all other brush and brushless alternatives available today,” Stone added.



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