Mobile and stationary water absorbers and test kits

WIX Filters is now offering mobile and stationary water absorbers and test kits for diesel and gasoline systems. 

“These new offerings further strengthen WIX’s position as a global leader of filtration solutions,” said Edward Covington, vice president of global quality.

“We continuously seek out opportunities to solve our customers’ challenges and these products are designed to provide protection in a number of climates and regions for a variety of diesel and gasoline systems,” he added.

Covington pointed out that water is one of the most damaging contaminants in these systems and can result from:

  • Condensation through the fuel system vents
  • External leaks in the tank
  • Heating and cooling from temperature variations
  • Attraction from bio-diesel  

According to WIX, the heavy-duty mobile diesel water absorber continuously removes water to prevent algae, sludge buildup, bacteria and fungus in diesel fuel. The mobile diesel water absorber is designed to be placed into the fuel tank for the entire season and allows for use during operation. When hung in a dry environment, it can be reused up to 10 times.

WIX offers water absorbers and test kits for gasoline fuel systems. The company noted that ethanol attracts water that tends to settle on the bottom of the gas tank and is pulled in by the fuel line, which can lead to severe engine damage. The company said its new products “allow customers to conduct a gasoline quality test and better protect their equipment by removing water and contamination in their fuel systems.  The gas water absorber stabilizes the system for up to one year, preventing costly repairs in the process and, it turns blue/green when full.”

WIX also offers stationary test kits and water absorbers for diesel applications. Similar to the mobile diesel water absorber, when hung in a dry environment, the stationary product can also be reused up to ten times. The company added that it also offers a 10-foot water absorber for larger stationary tanks.

For more information, visit the WIX website or contact the nearest WIX distributor or go to the company’s website.

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