More powerful AGM battery released

Interstate Batteries has designed a new battery that can handle increased loads posed by the growing number of vehicle electronic components, including stop-start technologies.

The MT7 absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery will be available this fall in group sizes 34, 65 and 78.

According to Interstate, the MT7 AGM battery can handle the cranking and reserve power demands of late-model, highly accessorized vehicles.

The battery features Interstate’s Pure Matrix Power, a 99.99% pure, non-alloy lead in ultra-thin plates. The combination of pure lead without the common impurities of alloyed lead and increased surface area of the thinner plates results in a battery that performs at an extremely high level in both cranking the engine and powering electrical accessories over and over again.

“Interstate Batteries continues to be a leader in delivering technology that provides excellence in portable power solutions for the automotive market,” said Carlos Sepulveda, CEO. “This new battery is an example of our marketing and production professionals spending years analyzing the marketplace portable power needs, and then delivering just the right product to meet those demands.”

The MT7 is leak proof, vibration resistant, maintenance free and installable at any angle except upside down.

“Most starting batteries don’t typically discharge deeper than a 10 percent depth of discharge,” said Gale Kimbrough, technical services manager. “The MT7 AGM delivers 400 cycles at 80 percent depth of discharge while recharging faster and self-discharging slower than typical AGM batteries, and it performs extremely well in cold weather. A starting battery capable of that many extreme deep cycles is unique in the battery industry.”

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