Morgan Corp. introduces new cold plate refrigeration system

Morgan Corp. introduces new cold plate refrigeration system

Morgan Corp. has introduced a new cold plate refrigeration system. The Morgan cold plate is a more cost-effective, reliable and “greener” alternative to traditional refrigeration systems, the company said.

By generating and maintaining the coldest temperatures available, products can stay cold all day in an un-opened cargo area, even under disastrous conditions such as complete power failure, Morgan noted.

Morgan partnered with system manufacturer Dole Refrigeration to provide an “extra” layer of reliability and dependability that keeps products cold and fresh, prevents spoilage, and uses minimal energy while being robust and reliable under all transport conditions.

Morgan’s design for both the cold plate blower and plate systems follows the same high standards that Morgan is already known for. Cold plate is powered electrically, as compared to engine-driven refrigeration units, saving significant costs in fuel on every loaded run.

Other benefits of the Morgan system include:

  • Saves fuel; idling is not required during stops, system maintains proper and efficient body temperature;
  • Saves product during vehicle breakdown because the system does not depend on engine up-time. Product can be recovered during longer periods of vehicle inactivity;
  • Low-cost maintenance and simple operation with minimum moving parts ;
  • Near-constant temperatures maintained throughout normal delivery day, ensuring safe product life;
  • It features a simple hot gas defrost operation;
  • Plug it in at night and walk away;
  • It’s sanitary with no inaccessible parts to keep clean.
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