New circuit tester for 12 to 48 volt system

New circuit tester for 12 to 48 volt system

A new circuit tester from Power Probe can connect to systems from 12 to 48 volts and includes the “Smart Tip Advantage” which senses the probe tip condition and selects the correct meter, the company said.

When the probe-tip senses resistance to ground, the display of the Hook reads from 0 Ohms to 15 meg Ohms with a resolution of .001 Ohms. When the probe-tip contacts voltage, the display becomes an instant voltmeter and measures from 0 to 99.9 volts.

The Hook displays its current draw in amps when the power switch is pressed and electrical components are activated. The adjustable electronic circuit breaker can now be set as low as 2 amps and as high as 65. It can activate 100 amps in-rush current, and 25 amps continuous.

The power-switch can now be set to latch power on continuously without holding it down or can be set to pulse on and off in ½ second increments repeatedly. The AC voltage threshold automatically turns on and displays amplitude and frequency when an AC signal is detected on the tip, Power Probe said.

The device’s new features include min/max voltage, current, and resistance measurements, along with peak-peak voltage, frequency counter, positive and negative pulse width, and duty cycle. There is also an isolated continuity tester.

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