New controllers for Espar heaters

Espar Heater Systems introduced two new controllers for its line of truck cab and engine heaters at the 2012 National Truck Equipment Assn. (NTEA) show – the Multi-Max F1000 and Digi-Max D1000.

Espar’s heaters are designed for mobile applications such as trucks, buses and light vehicles, using 12 or 24 volt battery systems, gasoline, or diesel as a power source to either heat truck cab or sleeper bunk air, or serve as coolant heaters for vehicle engines.

The new Multi-Max F1000 comes equipped with a micro SD card slot to allow fleet managers, rather than drivers, to program these hydronic engine coolant heaters with a variety of settings such as: specific daily start and stop times; high temperature disable set points; maximum manual run-time setting; and a low voltage disable set point.

The new Digi-Max D1000 controller now features a larger display screen to provide drivers with constant heater status; temperature set point with either Celsius or Fahrenheit options; runtime count-down clock; a “check heater” indicator; and more simplified diagnostic service messages.

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