New heavy-duty battery from Odyssey

EnerSys has announced the availability of its new Odyssey Performance Series 31-800 battery for heavy-duty and commercial applications.

The battery is designed to power a range of onboard accessories, even when the engine isn’t on, and still deliver reliable starts.

“Odyssey Performance Series batteries combine long service life, high reliability and deep cycle capabilities that can handle the increase in on-board accessories in today’s vehicles,” said Maria Orlando-Krick, marketing manager - specialty markets at EnerSys. “The Odyssey Performance Series 31-800 battery is a powerful option for commercial trucking and tractor trailers that depend on this technology to keep running.”

The Performance Series provides the same reliability as the newly branded Odyssey Extreme Series of batteries without the high cold cranking amps or reserve capacity that many people do not require, Enersys said.

The 31-800 battery is the first available product in the Odyssey Performance Series. The complete line  will include Battery Council International (BCI) Group 75/86 (Odyssey 75/86-705 battery), Group 48 (Odyssey 48-775 battery), Group 34 (Odyssey 34-792 battery), Group 78 (Odyssey 78-792 battery) and Group 65 (Odyssey 65-762 battery).

Features of the Odyssey Performance Series 31-800 battery include 802 CCA, 188 RC minutes and deep cycle capability up to 400 cycles at 80% depth of discharge. Other features include a three- to 10-year service life, a two-year storage life at 77 deg. F, a two- to four-year warranty, based on the application, and a full replacement warranty from manufacturer’s defects. The battery is vibration resistant and classified as “non-spillable” battery by the US Department of Transportation.

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