New line of turbocharger hoses

New line of turbocharger hoses

Veyance Technologies has released the TurboBoss line of turbocharger hoses. Veyance, a manufacturer of Goodyear Engineered Products, said the hose line is specifically designed as an “economical alternative to other turbocharger components without sacrificing the power and reliability demanded by heavy-duty applications.”

The TurboBoss used Veyance’s advanced rubber technology, providing a cost savings and performance improvement over hose assemblies made of typical silicone couplings and metal piping, the company said.

“OEMs often needlessly overpay because they buy turbocharger hoses designed to handle temperatures far higher than what many applications are exposed to,” said Tim Montbach, Veyance marketing manager for heavy-duty OE products. “With TurboBoss, they now have the choice of a variety of hoses using advanced rubber compounds, each designed for a specific temperature range – both hot and cold – for turbocharger air cooling systems.”

TurboBoss is a single, custom-molded hose made with a unique layered construction with multiple rubber compounds, Veyance said. The lightweight hose is easier to install and seal than silicone hoses and can be customized to fit nearly any molded configuration, the company added.

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