New oil-analysis lab launched in Michigan

Apex Oil Lab, a new oil-analysis laboratory that has opened in Grand Rapids, MI, features the latest in testing equipment, ASTM methodologies, precise attention to details and 24 hour and same-day turnaround on most tests, accorded to the company.

The lab was started by Jason Rainey, who spent years working in the bulk-lubricant industry.

“Think of us as your personal analyst,” Rainey said. “Our oil-analysis laboratory is committed to going beyond testing oil and sending a report.  We see ourselves as an extension of the customer’s maintenance team, collaborating toward greater performance, longevity, and savings for them.”

Expert analysis and clear recommendations accompany every test result, he noted.

“Each customer is unique and we have the agility to tailor our services to specific needs,” Rainey continued. “Our mission is to be the best at finding the right solutions that will help customers maximize the effectiveness of their condition-based maintenance programs.”

For qualifying customers, such as lubricant distributors and equipment manufacturers, Apex Oil Lab offers a private-label program.

“Through our private-label program, qualifying companies can offer oil analysis as another valuable service to their own customers,” Rainey remarked. “This is a way for them to add value and strengthen brand loyalty with minimal financial investment.”

Apex Oil Lab offers lubricant testing to a wide variety of industrial and commercial customers nationwide. The lab offers oil analysis for the following equipment types: compressors, engines, gear systems, hydraulics, transmissions and turbines.

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