New Pig releases battery cleaning kit

New Pig Corp. has released a new kit designed to assist in battery cleaning and maintenance.

The Pig Battery Cleaning & Maintenance Kit is stocked with all of the essentials to quickly clean up battery acid spills and cleaning corrosion off of terminals. The kit includes acid neutralizing mats, wipes, sprays, a full face shield and an apron.

The kit contains all of the supplies necessary to counteract damage caused by acid spills and overflows, and extend battery life. A variety of neutralizers, personal protection equipment and nonconductive tools minimize the risk of acid burns and shock during maintenance while neutralizing mats, wipes and spray all feature color-change indicators to make it clear when neutralization is complete for safer handling.  Temporary disposal bags are included to help make cleanup easier. 

Also used as a diagnostic tool for pinpointing leaks, the polypropylene container resists battery acid and features a see-through front door for quick inventory checks.

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