New portable DPF cleaner from SPX

SPX Corp. recently debuted a new OTC brand portable diesel particulate filter  (DPF) cleaner designed for use in shops or in the field. The compact and  lightweight unit is especially well-suited for servicing off-road equipment,  according to Eric Adamson, product manager, equipment and heavy-duty tools, SPX service solutions.
  The 2010 Tier 4 DPF cleaning requirements created a need for  a cleaning system like this, he told Fleet  Owner, and priced at just $10,000, it is affordable for even smaller fleets  and maintenance shops. Special features include:

  • Fully automated operation. Once the cleaning  process is started, it can run with minimal operator oversight, according to  SPX, freeing the technician to do other work.
  • A new “focused air jet” cleaning technology that  concentrates a high-pressure stream of air directly into every filter cell  rather than simply blowing back and forth over the entire filter surface.
  • The flexibility to handle DPFs of various  sizes—from 6 inches to 15 ½ inches using shop or compressed air of at least 100  psi.
  • Quiet operation
  • Three nozzles, two straight for standard  “open-face” DPFs and one curved for angled-flange filters.
  • A sealable ash-disposal bag system designed to  enable technicians to quickly and easily remove and dispose of the particulate  matter collected by the cleaner in accordance with environmental regulations.
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