New battery-based idling alternative

Indiana-based Sun Power Technologies ( recently debuted its battery-based idle reduction solution

Indiana-based Sun Power Technologies ( recently debuted its battery-based idle reduction solution. The self-contained, 12-volt system, dubbed Eco-Air, is designed to deliver 10,000 Btu of cooling per hour for up to eight and one-half hours without using any of the truck’s power sources, including the battery.

Instead, the Eco Air features its own “Energy Cube” fully integrated battery package, which powers the company’s patented DC Airco 12-volt air conditioning unit. The battery system is also engineered to recharge using the standard truck alternator through an electronic charge circuit that monitors current and voltage to help ensure proper charge algorithms. It features an emergency start circuit, as well, which enables the auxiliary batteries to be operated in parallel with the cranking batteries if required, virtually avoiding the need for jumpstarts.

According to Sun Power, the Eco-Air system can also handle hotel loads and be paired with a diesel fired heater to create a full, engine-off cooling and heating system. Standard installation of the core system (without heater) typically takes about four hours. The chassis-mounted Energy Cube battery system weighs in at about 337 lb. and is 28 in. long by 17 in. wide by 14 in. high. The A/C unit has inside- and outside-mounted components and adds another 133 lb., for a total system weight of 440 lb.

In June, the company will be relocating to a new 20,000-sq.-ft. facility. The new headquarters will house parts, sales, warranty and final assembly.

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