Cats unveils medium-duty engine overhaul kits

Cat Precious Metals On-Highway engine-overhaul kits for several Cat medium-duty engines are now available

Cat Precious Metals On-Highway engine-overhaul kits for several Cat medium-duty engines are now available.

The kits cover the Cat 3126B, 3126E and C7 with serial-number prefixes KAL, WAX and SAP engines. The kits include three dedicated for varying levels of in-frame overhaul (bronze, silver, and gold), and two for out-of-frame overhaul (platinum plus and titanium).

Also available is the HEUI (hydraulic electronic unit injector) fuel-system overhaul kit. All the kits are available through Cat dealers and carry factory-backed warranties.

Details on the kits include:

Bronze: The bronze in-frame overhaul kit is a basic repair option that includes main, rod and thrust bearings, a complete package of seals, gaskets,retainers, plugs and hardware, as well as value-added components, including Cat oil and fuel filters, exhaust-manifold sleeves and thermostats.

Silver: Another basic in-fame-overhaul kit, the silver level adds six pistons, rings, pins and retainers to the bronze kit.

Gold: The gold in-frame-overhaul kit provides an added measure of convenience and labor savings by including with the bronze kit six Cat remanufactured (Reman) piston packs—each pack with the piston, connecting rod, rings, pin and retainers pre-assembled.

Platinum plus: The platinum plus kit allows for an extensive out-of-frame overhaul—with no need to machine the original block—by starting with the gold kit and adding a bare block, Reman cylinder head, Reman HEUI pump, six Reman injectors, Reman oil pump and IAP—injection actuation pressure—sensor.

Titanium: The titanium kit starts with the basic bronze package, then adds a Reman long block (pre-assembled with Reman block, Reman piston packs, Reman cylinder head, valve train, front housing, Reman crankshaft, Reman camshaft, Reman oil pump and Reman oil cooler, plus six Reman injectors, Reman HEUI pump and IAP sensor).

HEUI fuel system kit: This kit can be used as stand-alone repair option to provide a significant mid-life performance improvement, or in combination with the three in-frame overhaul kits. The kit also provides hold-down bolts, seals and O-rings.

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